Monday, February 11, 2008

£25 SUV Congestion Charge

London Mayor Ken Livingstone will be passing a plan to charge £25 for cars that emits 225g per km of CO2 when entering congestion zones. Cars that emit less than 120g per km will be omitted and cars in between will be charged £8 for entering.

Two questions, where will the money collected from these funds go and how will delivery businesses respond?

Also, if Bloomberg successfully added a congestion zone in NYC do you think a fee like this would eventually be added as well?

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deborah said...

It's interesting to note that in the UK they already talk/think about their vehicles in terms of emissions alot more than we do...They have carbon emission data posted on price stickers for new vehicles right along with mpg (oops--is it kpl?? Shouldn't the English still be using English measurements?). On "Top Gear" (my new favorite Brit import) they drop the phrase casually all the time.