Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Clear Channel is evil, though....

I was reminded strongly of Professor Kodama's "What's in it for me?" mantra when I heard this story on the Patt Morrison show. Apparently, the City Council, MTA and Clear Channel are engaged in a seedy menage-a-trois involving holding potential park space for south L.A. for hostage in exchange for a sweetheart deal on a gargantuan digital billboard off the 10. MTA has land at Avalon and 54th that it will sell the city for less than market value (about 2/3) and pay for rehab-ing the site to make a park and wetland. The City will re-zone a special district off the 10 near downtown to allow Clear Channel to have the giant bulletin boards. Clear Channel will drop a threatened legal action against MTA over the termination of Clear Channel's lease on several bulletin boards along the former Little Santa Monica Blvd.

Why do we need to involve the evil megacorporamonopologarchy Clear Channel in a simple deal of taking under-utilized MTA land and creating much-needed open space for south L.A.?
Why do we need any more of those horrible, hazardous digital billboards near our freeways?

Here's a link to the radio interview with Jan Perry and Jack Weiss discussing the issue...scroll down to Tues Apr 8th for the story...

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