Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Blog entry: buzz feed

Buzz Feed compiled an impressive assortment of wild images  captured on public transportation.  I personally have witnessed some strange encounters on the bus; one of which was an angry riders tirade about the bus operators driving speed. The other was an elderly man that had fallen asleep and wet his pants.  It certainly made me think about where I sat and who I sat next to. Luckily Buzz Feed has some images that surpass my personal experiences check them out and think policy's or physical design of transportation system that can prevent acts like this from happening.  Whether that means bathrooms on the train, more policing or better avenues for riders to report strange incidences.    In my next entry I will be making a buzz feed like post about the joys of public transportation. 

Abe Markowitz 
USC '12 
Former PPD 360 student. 

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