Monday, October 19, 2009

In reference to Professor Kodama's Post

Here is the link to the article about Santa Monica and Parking

Santa Monica to experiment with parking psychology

Don Shoup and San Fransisco can be found below

Donald Shoup on San Francisco’s Groundbreaking Parking Meter Study

and finally the last one about Green port, NY

Putting Greenwich Street Back Together

If any of these articles are incorrect lemme know.

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mkodama said...

Greenport, New York

In search of parking solution
Expert tells village to enforce its rules, police chief says there's not enough spaces
BY JULIE LANE |STAFF WRITER 0 comments below

Before Greenport opts to create more parking or install meters, it needs to enforce existing rules, which could make additional parking unnecessary, a parking expert told a gathering of about 20 village officials and merchants.

"You need to enforce the rules; otherwise, you don't have any rules," said Michael Kodama of MK Planning Consultants in Burbank, Calif.

"We don't have our own police department and there's some give and take with enforcement," Mayor David Nyce told Mr. Kodama during the recent forum at the Third Street firehouse.

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