Sunday, February 21, 2010

Obama and the Transportation Budget

Obama recently unveiled his budget for transportation projects.

The text below echoes these statements.

President's Budget Includes $1.82 Billion for 27 Major Transit Construction Projects Across the Nation

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Telephone: (202) 366-4064

FTA 08-10

Request includes $834.6 million for 19 new projects

On Monday, President Obama proposed $1.82 billion in funding for 27 major transit construction projects that will create jobs and increase transportation options throughout the United States. A complete list of projects – which are located in metropolitan areas across the nation – is available here.

"These projects, planned and developed at the state and local level, are crucial investments that will boost economic vitality in cities and towns across the country," said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. "From New York City to Honolulu and areas in between, these projects will create jobs, diversify local transit options for consumers, and stimulate economic activity at a critical juncture in our continuing recovery."

The spending plan included in President Obama's Budget submitted to Congress yesterday announces recommendations to invest $834.6 million in 19 new transit construction projects — 10 of which are new funding recommendations in FY 2011, and 9 of which have been recommended for funding in previous years, but still await construction grant agreements. The plan also provides $924.6 million for the continued funding of eight projects already under construction in New York, Dallas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Northern Virginia.

"Projects like these are at the very heart of President Obama's agenda to clean up our environment, reduce our dependence on oil from overseas, and put people back to work" said Federal Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff. "They will give our citizens a way out of punishing traffic jams and improve their quality of life."

FTA's Annual Report on Funding Recommendations for Fiscal Year 2011 also provides information and ratings for all projects in the New Starts and Small Starts programs.

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