Tuesday, February 16, 2010

TDM in Action

With regard to today's lecture about TDM and transportation planning, here are two great links that demonstrate TDM and transportation planning in action.

First, is this episode of the Amazing Race, where they required participants to get from LAX to downtown LA using only public transportation. (Shuttle to green line....)

Second, is a from reconnecting America, which highlights how bicycle lanes can be designed to accommodate specific types of communities and developments.

How does this relate to TDM? Well, in class there was mention about how to implement TDM in rural areas.

Design and creation or implementation of infrastructure is one of those methods. By creating the necessary infrastructure to help create a culture that embraces alternative methods of transportation, there can be an increase in mode use density.

But, lets take it a step farther, can we use design and TDM to increase density for developments that are already made for alternative methods of transportation like, TODS?

Absolutely, and the following link displays that. By creating the necessary and accomodating bike infrastructure to supplement the transit hub created by the TOD, then the TOD can potentially be even more effective because it allows for increased connectivity and mobility.

Just a little bit of food for thought.

Bicycle Connection Design

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